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Are intranets still relevant and how to set one up

Intranets have evolved from a series of links on a page to a tool that promotes internal branding and employee engagement. However, if you want your intranet to be relevant, it must be modern.

What does a modern intranet entail?

It entails breaking away from:

If you setup your business’s intranet correctly, it can provide an internal centre of communication that makes it easier for employees to:

Many intranets fail to meet their goals simply because it’s too complex to setup a new intranet and get employees engaged using a traditional model.

Setting up a successful, modern intranet

IT teams will be needed to fully setup your intranet if it’s a traditional or modern solution. However, these few tips can help you make your solution a success:

IT teams no longer need to reinvent the wheel and setup a custom intranet. There are plenty of out-of-the-box solutions that can be installed and deployed rapidly. The benefit of using a non-custom solution is that the purpose-built solution has been tested and offers a fast launch, minimal bugs and thorough documentation to make it a success.

Requiring employees to go through training to learn how to use an intranet may be necessary, but you need to keep training to a minimum. When solutions are too complex and require too much training, getting employees on board to use the intranet is difficult.

Modern intranets are intuitive and make it as simple as possible to get employees engaged from the moment the solution is deployed.

Old, clunky interfaces make it too difficult for employees to begin using an intranet. Modern solutions focus on user experience and help businesses get employees on board with intranets early on.

When you setup an intranet, you're creating an internal solution where employees can communicate, share and engage in a virtual environment fully under your control.

If you're just setting up an intranet to engage employees and improve productivity, it's crucial to:

  • Make an adoption plan
  • Set goals and timelines
  • Monitor the solution's success through analytics

When employee adoption is low, gather feedback and implement changes that will enhance the usefulness of the intranet for your team.

Why choose an intranet vs. MS Teams or something similar?

Convincing internal stakeholders to use an intranet versus something like Microsoft Teams can be challenging. MS Teams is a great choice for virtual collaboration, yet it doesn’t solve some of the employee engagement and experience challenges that an intranet can, such as:

MS Teams certainly has a role in today’s modern business world where employee engagement is crucial to a business’s success. However, MS Teams cannot replace a modern intranet, nor should it. Instead, MS Teams and an intranet will offer your business the best of both worlds, where employees can share, collaborate and use multi-channel forms of communication.